Glenn + Rebekah

I have known Rebekah since I was in high school. I remember her being the cool big sister to my friend Emily (she had this BMW car that was decked out), and I was sooooo jealous! Ever since I met her I knew she would go really far in life! When I saw her and Glenn for the first time I could instantly tell this guy was the ONE. Fast forward to September, I was videographing Emily's (her little sister). Her and Glenn that day asked if I would be their Photographer + Videographer. It was hard to contain my excitement. I'm super excited to work for the coolest kid since high school.

How did Glenn propose?

  • He planned a “boat day” with my best friend and her husband and they were supposed to pick us up on their boat, when they came in with a HUGE six foot sign that said “marry me, B?” Then he had all of my friends and family waiting for me afterwards 

What are you looking forward to on your wedding day?

  • I’m looking forward to seeing Glenn when I walk down the isle (Thats what I’m most looking forward to)

Tell me more about your love story?

  • Glenn was the maintenance guy at the apartment complex I was working at. I went to visit my best friend Erika at work because I was having the worst day, and luckily it turned out to the best day ever because I met Glenn that day. We went on our first date that week and have been inseparable ever since


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